Outlaw Techno Psychobitch

Erlang The Movie II: The Sequel — aka Outlaw Techno Psychobitch — was by far the most involved video I’ve ever done. This page gives what I hope is proper attribution to the inspirational sources!

Erlang The Movie

This of course is sacred text in the Erlang community. I was nervous about tampering with it. But this more a fork of the original, which remains unblemished despite my attempts!


I wanted a classic Internet webcam monologue and hehasinsomnia is perfect. Obviously he was at my mercy from a dialog standpoint, but this guy is passionate and impressively honest. What more could you ask of a spokesman for OTP?

Industrial Dance by D_TokSIcK

The name “Outlaw Techno Psychobitch” came first, but this Internet artist inspired the piece’s darkness and edge. She is brilliant in her craft. Robert’s concluding remark, “she’s utterly terrifying” is apt. Utterly beautifully terrifying!

Death Metal “Venus”

As “the Bananarama of languages”, Erlang needed an upgrade. And this is one bad ass upgrade! The Dutch accent kills!

The Chat Server

The chat server is real. The 300K user connection demo is real. The screen shots are real. 1

If you want help replicating the results, just ask.

Here’s the source. It’s very simple.


The name “hnblows” was from a running joke about Hacker News that turned into a running joke about Ryan Dahl.


This is the modified version of OTP, which is used in the demo. It’s full on Erlang/OTP, but with some UI changes.


If you want to be super bad ass, use this version in your organization — your boss will be like, “wait, what — you were serious about moving the payments system to Psychobitch??”

Ryan Dahl

The jokes about Ryan’s tweets are just that.

Ryan has publicly said some things over the years that he may regret. Whatever. People should be free to say stupid things and not be made a Pariah. I wish he hadn’t deleted his Twitter account. I have the utmost respect for Ryan’s work — his accomplishments speak for themselves.


  1. The screen shot of the source code fix was taken separately, after the demo, for formatting purposes. If you spot the typo of Ryan’s name and compare it to the original error, you’ll see that it couldn’t possibly be the actual bug source. Rest assured, the hot code reloading happened exactly as portrayed in the video! 

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