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Erlang Factory 2014 - Erlang + CZMQ

Presentation at Erlang Factory in San Francisco on using the CZMQ bindings for Erlang to build heterogenous, evolvable, secure systems.

The Ghetto

Our hero goes on an epic adventure to find a great technoloy. Faces many obstacles.


Thoughts on static site generation using blogofile.

Node.js Is Bad Ass Rock Star Tech

Perhaps the most technically detailed ellaboration of the differences between event-driven and threaded programming you'll find on the Web... that's performed by cartoon talking bears.

Python Gangsta Rap

I was raised in the mean streets of the suburbs of Chicago. I didn't have a laptop to my name. This is my story.

Funky, Dirty, Native HTML5

Microsoft continues to impress with world class browser technology. Keepin' it native.

The Drop

If you ever wonder why your call drops when you have 5 bars, this video tells all.

Bing Sucks Balls

Seriously - compare search results for "Bing Sucks Balls" - after you watch this video.

All The Cool Kids Use Ruby

If as a programmer you don't have groupies, this video will make you very mad or very sad.

MongoDB Is Web Scale

The video that started the world wide craze known as "Sharding /dev/null".