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Erlang User Conference 2015 - Scalable Is Awesome, Literally

Proposal to replace the word "scalable" with "awesome" - it has the same meaning but is more fun to say!

The Timeless Way of Building Erlang Apps - In Search of a Useful Pattern Language

Presentation at Erlang Factory in San Francisco on applying Christopher Alexander's pattern methodology to Erlang.

Conference Code of Code - Stating The Obvious

My thoughts on the Code of Conduct for Chicago Erlang and some people's reaction.

Codemotion Rome 2014 - Software As Biology

Presentation at Codemotion in Rome on Software As Biology - using phenomena in biology to inform and inspire thinking about software construction.

Erlang Factory 2014 - Erlang + CZMQ

Presentation at Erlang Factory in San Francisco on using the CZMQ bindings for Erlang to build heterogenous, evolvable, secure systems.

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